If you love fixing things and want to try a new career, you might want to start a handyman business. Whether you’re in St. Marys or another location, there are a few steps to take. Assessing your strengths, developing a business plan, and creating a website are some of those items needed to start a business. Here are some important tasks in starting a new business.

Clients and Software

Once you have determined that your skills are suitable for starting a handyman business, you’ll want to think about how to build your client base. You can collaborate with other contractors and attend networking events found on social media.

You will need software and apps to support your business. Look for apps that help you manage and invoice your customers, provide accurate estimates, and synchronize with software for construction professionals. Construction cost estimating software is a great solution because it can help you accomplish multiple tasks, including:

  • Sending estimates, including those that account for taxes from the job site
  • Adding costs of material, labor, and taxes
  • Creating a template based on your logo, branding, and color scheme

Specialty and Related Laws

Choosing a specialty is one step toward developing your business in St. Marys. Think about your favorite types of projects, such as installing screen doors, power washing decks, and touching up paint. If you want to expand your services by obtaining a license, research your state’s laws by visiting its official contractor’s board website and studying the section concerning handymen. If you need clarification on some vague wording, speak to one of the contractor board’s investigators, people who are responsible for upholding laws in court cases.

Business Plan and Entity Type

Writing a business plan entails mapping your business’s overall organization. You can choose the detailed traditional format or the shorter startup template. An executive summary, products and services, and a business overview are a few sections in a business plan.

If you want to protect your business and personal assets in case of liability, consider forming a limited liability company or LLC. LLCs are flexible in many ways: they require less paperwork while maintaining tax advantages, and your personal assets stay protected. Plus, you can be an individual and an LLC. You can file yourself or use a formation service to save on lawyer’s fees. States have their own rules regarding LLCs; check for your state’s regulations first before forming one.

Your Website

Your website is a vital part of your business. Look for hosting sites that help you design your site. It’s best if your website platform includes a website support plan, namely enhanced website security and maintenance. Learning about search engine optimization and using social media to market your business are good tactics that will drive more users to your website. Find out how Digital Wires can help you create a unique website for your business.

Launching Your New Business

Starting a handyman business is a process of taking consistent steps toward your goal, and technology helps expand your business by creating a professional image. Reach out to Digital Wires for more on website design and digital marketing.

Guest Post by Elena Stewart

Image via Pexels