The labor market was shaken up by the pandemic. The competition for the best talent among companies is stiff, with incentive packages for workers growing. Employers need marketing and recruitment strategies to go hand in hand.

Improving candidate experience from the word go

The candidate experience you provide is a reflection of how your brand treats its workforce. You need clear-sighted, kind, creative people. You want to work with them, and you want them to want to work with you. On a basic level this generally happens with understood goals and mutual respect. What are the candidates’ experiences of the company from start to finish? Can you build a firm that will snare top talent?

You can impress candidates with your product, with the work-atmosphere, and with your brand. They can develop a strong desire for the posted positions before they even meet you. If the work is meaningful and fairly compensated, you’re building on a foundation that can have great pay off.

If you want to hire the best idea people, you need to be able to demonstrate a track record of turning ideas into physical products.

Revamp your website

The face you present to customers is the same one potential candidates will see. Job candidates will research your company through your website. How does it compare to everything else out there? Try to look at it as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Would someone unfamiliar with the industry quickly get it? Is the team all there, and do they look like a very nice group of folks to work with? If you’re looking to update your website to be more appealing to potential employees, work with DigitalWires to create something engaging.

Let the candidates meet the team

If your clients see other workers or candidates on your platforms, their interest in working with your company elevates. Allow them to learn about corporate cultures and the talents behind your brand’s name. Behind the scenes, photos on Instagram or Facebook will help give an idea of what your company is about.

Encourage employee-generated content

Encouraging employee engagement will inspire new clients to look into working with you. Because they will feel like their voices will be heard. Ask your current employees to take office pictures and tag the brand on their social media platforms. It will also help with your social media growth.

Write straightforward job descriptions

Ensure that your job description is compelling. It should include what is needed from an applicant, their responsibility and payment plan. Outline everything you need clearly that it won’t leave any questions on your applicant. With all this, be rest assured that your description will be effective. Including additional skills that might be needed will help you pick the best applicant from all the applications received. Also, it’s a good idea to write a sharper, shorter description that your PR team can share on social media platforms to help pull in candidates. You can also use these descriptions if you choose to work with a professional staffing agency, which can help you easily find individuals within your industry who are looking for jobs.

Work with data analytics companies

According to Pierpoint, many businesses are turning to data analysis to help them find the perfect candidates for open positions. While you can use different types of technology to gather data about potential employees, you’ll need to work with someone who can parse this information and apply it to your company. Look online for data analytics companies that can help you use information to help you find the person best suited to the job.

Create content for applicants

Creating content specifically aimed at candidates is a great way of encouraging the right people to apply for available positions. Emphasize your company’s policies and corporate culture. For instance, create an in-depth FAQ page that covers your candidates most commonly asked questions. You can also videos and podcasts that focus on your company’s values and goals.


Creativity doesn’t just fall from trees. Every talented employee invested in themselves for years, and that’s the value they bring. If you understand that, and you find ways of communicating that to the world, then you’ll continue to attract the best candidates regardless of the peaks and valleys of the labor market.

If you’re looking to update your website to be more appealing to potential employees, work with DigitalWires to create something engaging. Get in touch by calling (814) 594-9980.

Guest Post by Elena Stewart

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels