For the owners of non-essential small businesses who want to keep their staff and customers safe, the COVID-19 pandemic can’t end soon enough! What can you do to maintain a profitable business? We’ve collected resources covering everything from revamping your social media marketing strategy to setting up an e-commerce shop.


Administrative Responsibilities

Before your business is back in full swing, you can utilize this time to overhaul your budget and deal with administrative tasks.

Doing Business Online

Even if your customers are eager to visit you in person soon, business is still booming online! Here’s how to succeed in e-commerce.

  • Do you have an e-commerce shop set up on your website? Add this function to keep sales going!
  • Share information about reopening plans, safety protocols, and business developments on a company blog.
  • Shift your focus to social media marketing to get the word out about new products and services or hiring opportunities.
  • Revamp your website and digital marketing strategy by partnering with the pros at DigitalWires.

Prepare for Reopening

You want to ensure that you’re ready to officially reopen before the big day arrives. These tips will help you keep everyone safe while welcoming people back.

  • Consider which employees should return from working remotely and which operations you can continue running online.
  • Read up on these guidelines to create a safe environment at work for your staff and customers after reopening.
  • Use email marketing to let your loyal customers know about specific reopening dates and safety restrictions.
  • Will you be launching or relaunching any particular products or services? Run a promotion campaign!

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably looking forward to the day when you can return to business as usual. But by adapting to the present moment, you may open up some new income streams for your company and connect with a wider customer base. By referencing these resources, you’ll be able to make it through this phase of the pandemic with ease.

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