In terms of businesses marketing, blogs aren’t just having a moment, they’re becoming critical to marketing efforts – and it’s not for the reasons everyone may think.

For a business, original content on blogs can help establish them and their commentators as thought leaders and experts in their field. It isn’t about the hard sell on blogs, it’s about flexing those industry expertise muscles and contributing to a conversation.

In addition to showing off your industry knowledge, blogging helps cultivate a more personal connection and breaks down traditional trust barriers between consumer and business by providing site visitors with useful, timely, and accurate information.

Do this repeatedly and you’ll create trust – trust equals leads, leads equal sales. Easy math.


Companies who blog generate 67% more leads per month

This is a hard and cold fact. If your business is producing quality content, that works to increase trust in your site, which will result in more links, more site visitors and higher rankings in popular search engines.

And with more content comes a higher chance of showing up in searches and driving more traffic, leading to the lift in leads.

Let’s put it another way: blogging helps you reach a wider audience that you haven’t yet tapped by expanding your discovery potential.


Compounding blog posts generate 38% of your blog’s traffic.

Don’t panic if the first day, or even month, after posting, your blog doesn’t have impressive traffic. Over time, you’re building a library of content which will strengthen your position in search results because you’re using keywords and tags and building your SEO. So sometimes months or years later a blog post will see an impressive spike in traffic because it’s suddenly a hot topic, or a steady increase because of normal search behavior.


Key Take-Aways on Business Blogging

  • Blogging is not just having a moment, it’s a tried and true marketing method
  • Blogging improves SEO
  • Blogging can help establishes your industry expertise and thought leadership
  • Blogging humanizes your company and increases consumer trust
  • Blog posts increase long term traffic to your site


Bottom line, commit to keyword rich blog posts and it will prove to be an investment… a compounding investment you won’t soon regret.


This article first appeared in Social Media Today
Article by Katrina Padron


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