Both moving to a new home and starting your own business are big changes. It might seem unfathomable to do both at once, but sometimes that’s the best way. Read on for some tips from DigitalWires on making good choices as you move forward.

Buying a Home

You’ll need to consider both your personal needs and the requirements of the business in making your selection. Depending on the nature of the business you are starting, you may need simply a home office, or you may need places to create and store the products your business makes. You might need a waiting room for clients, or a garage in which to do repairs. So get clear on what the business will require, and what you and your family need in a home. You might need a separate entrance and parking area for clients. Make a list of features needed. Work with a knowledgeable realtor, and make sure the area you’re looking in will be good for both home and business.

Once you’ve found a property and made an offer, schedule an inspection of the home. This step is important because you are seeking a home that will not require a great deal of your downtime for remodeling and renovation. Starting your business will demand your time and energy.


Start packing as soon as possible. Cull your belongings and donate or recycle anything you haven’t been using. If you plan to replicate a furniture layout or other arrangement, take pictures before packing. Taking a photo of the way your electronics are hooked up may also save some hassle when it’s time to set them up in the new place. Label all boxes and make sure to pack a suitcase and a box of essential items that will be needed right away. Look for moving tips from professionals to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Instead of doing the heavy lifting yourself, consider hiring movers to take care of the big day so you can stay focused on your business. Look online for “furniture mover near me” and look over the reviews. Once you find a few companies that look promising, have them out and request a written quote before you make your final decision.

Consider Putting Some Things in Storage

If you have items you won’t need immediately and are unsure about where to put them, consider a storage unit. Your possessions will be safe and protected from the elements in a climate-controlled environment. It’s important to research costs, access, security, climate control, size of units, and insurance for the facilities that you are considering.

Costs can vary a great deal, depending upon the location and size of the unit, so look online and compare prices and facilities before you commit to one location.

Steps to Launching Your Business

If possible, it’s a good idea to begin this process before the move. You need to write a business plan, register your business, and get a license for the area you’ll be operating in. All these activities will require some research on your part unless you hire an attorney to guide you through the process. Look into insurance for your business, as well as your family home.

Once your belongings have been moved to the new place, it’s time to set up your office and any other space required by the business, such as a restroom and waiting area for clients. You may want to plan a grand opening to let potential customers know about services or products. Whether or not you have a special event to mark the opening, you will need to create plans for marketing, to make sure clients will find you.

Work with professionals like DigitalWires to create an effective web strategy. Even if you have a website with some traffic, you’ll want to find strategic ways to drive more customers to your site through digital marketing and SEO. These experts can help you increase your traffic and boost your business.

Although moving to a new location and starting your own business can both be huge endeavors, with adequate planning, it’s possible to do both at the same time. In fact, if you’ve outgrown the space in your previous home, the effort required to move will quickly be offset by the benefit of more space and a better location for your business.

Begin planning your move as well as your new business as early as possible and enlist the help of trusted professionals to guide you.

You’ll ultimately be so glad you took these steps for the best possible outcome.

Guest Post by Elena Stewart

Image courtesy of Pexels.