Parents with disabilities are experts when it comes to dealing with stress, even before they begin their entrepreneurship journey. After all, being a parent is challenging under the best of circumstances, but add navigating a disability and a budding business to the mix, and you officially have a lot on your plate. One of your primary concerns will be to ensure that your venture successfully provides for you and your family. From figuring out funding to set up a workspace, here are some suggestions to help you be your best self.

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Use Your Resources

The best advice we can give you is to use all the resources and funding options available to you. As an American with a disability, you will have access to numerous grants, benefits, and scholarships, such as an ABLE Account or support from reputed foundations. The U.S. government also offers funding for women-led businesses and child support to help you along your way. In addition, apply for small business grants such as the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, or various state government grants.

Stay on Top of Your Game

You will need sharp skills and a leg up on the competition to get successful at entrepreneurship. For many, this can involve getting up to date on the business landscape and the tools needed to make it. Enrolling in an online bachelor’s degree program is a great way to develop the mindset and skills required for your new venture. For example, you’ll be able to build knowledge on everything from corporate finance and marketing to strategic planning and human capital management. The leg up this can give you on your journey is unparalleled. The best part about doing your degree online? You’ll have the flexibility to balance work, coursework, and caring for your little ones all in one go.

Time Outs Are a Necessity

Taking care of your physical and mental health is essential when you’re living with a disability. Healthline reports that checking in with yourself is the best way to reduce stress and anxiety — while still taking care of your physical needs. Taking this extra step will have you rejuvenated and excited for both work and family life.

Your Home Office Will Be Welcome Refuge

Another essential for every parent entrepreneur is to set boundaries. Let your kids know you will not always be accessible, even when you’re working from home. Remember to tell your little ones that the office is a no-kids zone to minimize distractions.

The best way to do this is to set up a distraction-free home office where you can get your daily tasks done. According to Motability, it is important to have movable furniture and all items handy so you’re not having to look for things and getting sucked up in household duties. When setting up your office, be sure to document any value-boosting improvements you make to your home.

Take Care of Your Home Life

As a parent, you’ll want to ensure that your family is well-taken care of while you go and do your thing. Sit down with your loved ones, and set expectations about goals and timelines. This way, your children will feel involved in your journey, which can ease them into the idea of their parents not being around as much. Set up daycare, babysitting, and other responsibilities so that you can focus on work for the time being.

Starting a business with so many responsibilities is a courageous decision, and we applaud you for it. It may seem daunting but no task is too big when you’ve planned ahead and utilized the many resources available to you. And remember, take care of your well-being when you’re getting things up and running. After all, you need to be your best self so that you’re all set to conquer the business world.

Guest Post by Patricia Hill
Image from Unsplash