There were 59 million individuals in the U.S. doing freelance work as of 2020. Moreover, 1.1 billion people throughout the world freelance. As a result, there’s a huge pool available to take on various roles at your business, including bookkeeping and copywriting. You can make the most of your freelance team by carefully hiring and implementing protocols with them in mind.

Create an LLC 

Register your business as a limited liability company before hiring freelancers. For one, you protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit. However, you’ll also have less paperwork compared to a corporation and may save money come tax season. As a result, there’s less stress and more time to focus on managing your freelance team.
Before forging ahead, check your state’s laws. Since this process can be paperwork-heavy, consider using an online formation service to save money.

Searching for Talent

Know exactly what positions you need to fill and for how long. Next, visit a job board and place an ad specifying the job’s duration and what you plan to pay. Additionally, note what your business does and its core values.
Besides creating ads, you can also search from the talent pool on these sites to find workers. For instance, on Guru, you can find freelancers to join your team. Freelance positions can be anything from accounting to being a virtual assistant and advertising.

Have an Onboarding Packet for Freelancers 

Freelancers are more in control than your standard employees. And many of them will never visit your business in person. For these reasons and others, you need a specific onboarding packet for freelancers. As you create this packet, explain the programs that freelancers will be using, when work is due, and what your expectations are.

Hold Regular Meetings

When you work in the same building, it’s easy to monitor your W-2 employees. However, with freelancers who work all over the world, it’s a bit more difficult to ensure everyone is on task and productive. To alleviate this problem, consider holding regular meetings to allow freelancers an opportunity to discuss their progress and any issues they’re experiencing. Additionally, it’s an excellent time to talk about any changes happening on your end.

Create a Universal Invoice

When you let your freelancers use their own invoices, it can make it difficult to find any errors. By having one invoice for everyone, you can easily read and review them.

Use a Reliable Payment Software

If you’re not paying your freelancers using the same method as your W-2 employees, think about using a program that allows you to send low-cost wire transfers. Typically, a wire transfer service is costly, but with a platform like Remitly, you can send money to your freelancers for free on your first transfer.

Freelancers Can Be a Key to Success When You Treat Them Right 

Freelancers can have a tremendous impact on your success. However, you need to take steps, such as having a reliable payment method, to ensure they’re content.

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Image via Pexels

Guest Post by Elena Stewart