FREE, Local Technical Support
Technical Support isn't worth much if you can't get through, have to wait in queue, or can't get your issue resolved quickly. We offer local, personal service to keep your site up and running 24/7. (DNS Hosting)
We can host the popular COM, NET, ORG and EDU domains, but we also support new domains such as .INFO and .BIZ.

Disk Space
Disk storage refers to the amount of server disk storage your account is allocated. This space is used to store your html files, graphics, and all other files that make up your web site. Your POP3 emails are also stored here.

Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
The total amount of outbound data (html files, graphics, outgoing email) and incoming data (usually email) that can be transferred in a given time period.

Web Based Control Panel
This web administration system allows you to perform all aspects of your web site administration. You can add/edit your email accounts, setup and manage your mailing lists and autoresponders, password protect directories, view your web statistic, backup your files to a local drive, utilize dozens of pre-installed scripts and much more. Click here for a screenshot of our control panel.

POP Email Accounts
hese are unique, email addresses ( that can be accessed through Outlook Express and other popular email programs. Other features such as aliases, forwards, and autoresponders are included with your account.

Spam Assassin®
Block up to 95% of spam email while leaving legitimate emails pass through. Spam Assassin is a server-based filter, meaning that there is no software for you to install or maintain. The software resides on our server and can be customized to your requirements. Click here for more information.

Web Email Accounts
Lets you view, delete and manage all of your email accounts through the convenience of your web browser. Great for employees who travel and need access to email.

Email Forwarding, Autoresponders, Catch-all
Email forwarding allows you to setup addresses such as and have them forwarded to the Sales Manager, for example. Autoresponders generate an automated return email to the sender and are very useful for customer service and sales information requests. A catch-all email address can be setup to funnel all emails that are not specifically (or are incorrectly) addressed to an existing POP email account.

LinkAlarm is an invaluable tool for checking and identifying broken links and email addresses on your site, especially if your sites links to other sites. Each month, LinkAlarm automatically checks every link on every page of your site to ensure that viewers will not encounter broken links and inaccessible email addresses. Keep your site up-to-date and avoid embarrassing error messages for your viewers with LinkAlarm.

Website Statistics
Webalizer, our web statistics program, will show you how many unique visitors are coming to your site, which pages they enter and exit on, which search engines referred them to your and the search terms they used to find your site. Webalizer is available 24/7 and can be accessed through the control panel or through a password-protected web page. Click here for a sample.

24/7 FTP Access
File Transfer Protocol is the method used to "upload" your web site files to storage space on the server. You have unlimited access to your domain via FTP 24 hours a day to setup, change and manipulate your web site. Anonymous FTP allows you to create a public area where anonymous users can upload and download files from your web server.

Personal CGI Directory
The cgi-bin directory is used for interactive scripts on your site. A script that collects data from a form and sends it to a specific email address, for example, might use a script stored in the cgi-bin directory.

PERL, PHP 4 and MySQL database
PERL scripting language is generally used by scripts that run from your cgi-bin directory. PHP 4 is a scripting language that interacts with your website and a MySQL database. MySQL database is the leading database used on the internet. It allows you to add, store, and retrieve data from your site. It is also used by many add-on services such as support forums, bulletin boards and e-commerce software.

99.9% + Server Uptime
Server uptime refers to the actual time that the server is available to "serve" web pages and/or email. Your server is constantly monitored for potential problems and bottlenecks. There are occasions that your website may not be accessible via the internet that are caused by other factors including downtime by your ISP, problems with the internet backbone, etc.

standard hosting:
only $29.95/month*

• FREE, Local Tech Support
• 100MB Disk Space
• 2GB/month Data Transfer
Web Based Control Panel
• 10 POP3 Email Accounts
Spam Assassin Email Filter*
• Web Email Accounts
• Email Forwarding
• Email Autoresponders
• Catch-all Email Address
LinkAlarm Link Checking*
Web Site Statistics
• 24/7 FTP Access
• FrontPage Extensions
• Personal CGI Directory
• mySQL database
• 99% + Server Uptime

premium hosting:
only $39.95/month*

same features as standard
hosting package
• 200MB Disk Space
• 4GB/month Data Transfer
• 25 POP3 Email Accounts

platinum hosting:
only $49.95/month*

same features as standard
hosting package
• 400MB Disk Space
• 6GB/month Data Transfer
• 50 POP3 Email Accounts

enterprise hosting:
only $79.95/month*

same features as standard
hosting package
• 1GB Disk Space
• 10GB/month Data Transfer
• 100 POP3 Email Accounts

hosting: starting
at $59.95/month*

same features as platinum
hosting package
• 500MB Disk Space
• 10GB/month Data Transfer
• Dedicated IP address
• Admin control panel
• Unlimited products
• Unlimited categories
• Accept credit cards
• Paypal, personal checks
• Customer accounts
• Customer Order history
• Search catalog
• Customer reviews
• SSL transactions
• Many, many more...

See a site in action here

more options:

Need more email accounts,
more bandwidth, more storage?
Our website hosting packages are very flexible.
Please contact us to design a
custom hosting package that's
right for you!

* Based on a 1 year service plan. Spam Assassin and LinkAlarm are available at a modest, additional monthly charge.

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