Spam Assassin® is a server-based spam filter, covering all email addresses at your domain. Spam Assassin can block up to 95% of spam email, while leaving legitimate email pass through uninterrupted. There is no software for you to install and maintain; the software resides on the DigitalWires server and can be customized to your requirements. The software is updated periodically on our server by the manufacturer to recognize new techniques and wording used by spammers as well as updates to a list of known spammers.

Spam Assassin works on a point-based system; it assigns "points" for various criteria such as keywords in the subject line and body of the email ("FREE", "VIAGRA", "LOW MORTGAGE RATE"), the point of origin of the email, known spammers, etc.

If an incoming email's score exceeds an assigned point value, the email is designated as "***SPAM***" and is routed to a either a single, special mailbox called "SPAM" never reaching it's intended recipient or can be routed to each individual POP email account and then placed in a user-designated folder for later review.

The level of spam filtering can be adjusted, as needed, to allow more email to be tagged as ***SPAM***, or to allow more legitimate email pass through untagged.

You are able to check the SPAM inbox and retrieve any legitimate email that may have inadvertently been tagged as SPAM and simply delete the accumulated spam email.

White Lists and Black Lists are also available.

White Lists: All email from a particular email address or a domain on the White List will pass through UNFILTERED, no matter what the content of the email. This is useful for email coming from a legitimate source but containing words, phrases or html that would normally be associated with spam.

Black Lists: All email from a particular email address or a domain on the Blacl List will pass through AND BE MARKED AS SPAM, no matter what the content of the email.

Pricing for Spam Assassin is $9.95 for Standard Accounts (10 POP email accounts) and $14.95/month for Premium Accounts (25 POP email accounts). That is less than $1.00/month per POP email account!

"Thanks to Spam Assassin, we have almost completely conquered our spam problems. It is a pleasure to open our email boxes at the start of each work day and not have to rid our PC's of the multitude of annoying, irritating and downright unpleasant messages that previously plagued us endlessly. The occassional few that still eek through serve to keep us on our toes and remind us of what an amazing network the internet can be, but are not so bothersome that they make us never want to open our email again! Thank you, DigitalWires for bringing our spam under control."

Bea Terbovich
Horizon Wood Products